This is Your Wake Up Call

Don't Hit the Snooze Button.

  • What kind of trash fits your personality better?

  • What kind of consumer zombie are you?

  • How blind to justice are you?

have fun
save the world
We are creating a platform to make it easy and fun to explore issues created by rampant consumerism and corporate overreach, from the environment to inequality and human rights, and then spread the word and help in the fight.

A platform? Call it whatever you want. It is basically:

a blog with regular content to keep you updated with original art, stories, and quizzes dealing with current relevant issues.

a mobile game which will let you spread the word about important issues while benefiting charities and having a ball.

stuff to stick, hang, and wear: stickers, t-shirts, and other things to spread the word and make a statement about the issues you care about.
let's stop the madness
with madness of our own

wake up

Wake Up is the name of our whole project, in all its various parts. It is about all of us hearing the alarm and opening our eyes. And then, maybe breakfast.
our world is
on the brink of
( what the hell is a brink anyhow? )
corrupt forces and their minions are controlling us...
paralyzing us with fear
numbing us
tricking us
distracting us with
empty entertainment
corrupting our governments
and corrupting our laws
while destroying, polluting
and devouring everything in sight...
all in the name of
ever increasing profit
and we wouldn't let them get away with it
except, frankly, we've mostly become
consumer zombies
that only care about
buying more and more stuff
but we can wake up.
spread the word.
save the world.
we fight insanity
fun is our weapon


We are going to keep you updated with original Art, Stories, and Quizzes dealing with current relevant issues. Fun and short to make it easy staying in the know.
February 2014
It Is Not Just What You Consume

Americans discard 570 million pounds of food packaging each day.


More Info
February 2014
What Is All That Crap For?

The world's richest 20% account for 76.6% of total private consumption.


More Info
February 2014
Blind Justice Really?

No executives have faced prosecution from the wide spread mortgage fraud that triggered the 2008 Financial Crisis.


More Info
have fun
save the world

the game

game image
This is one of the main things we're working on, check for the latest updates in the blog section. The Wake Up Game encompasses our philosopy of serious fun, helping spread the word about important issues while benefiting charities and having a ball. All from your mobile device.


  • In the game, just like in life, we're dealing with
    bad guys screwing with our world for their own benefit.
  • they have turned most of us into consumer zombies
    that only care about buying more stuff.
  • fortunately you and other awakened zombies are still
    trying to save the world from these selfish forces.
  • only by waking up more zombies can we stop
    this madness. The best place to start: the mall.

how it works

  • Your mission: go through the mall, and try to
    wake up as many zombies as possible.
  • The zombies are attracted to the storefronts
    in the mall like moths to the flame...
  • As you reveal the ugly reality behind some
    shops, you will awake a bunch of zombies...
  • Gain support for your causes...
    ... and level up
  • if you also share the level with your friends
    and make them aware...
  • or help the causes you uncovered by participating,
    donating, and spreading the word outside of the game...
  • then you get more energy, power ups, items, and
    new abilities that will make your play even more fun.
  • Simple and fun. The best way to get informed, spread
    the word, and help the causes that you care about.
consumer zombies

Consumer Zombies

Most of us have been converted into consumer zombies that only care about buying more stuff.

The only chance to save the world is to awaken as many zombies as possible!

Character Design by Felipe Lara
the invaders

The Invaders

A gang of dubious characters have invaded the world and are endangering our planet for their own benefit.

Fat multinationals, greedy pigs, polluters, fear mongers, high bureaucrats, and a minion army of little pigs and little assholes are taking over our world. They need to be stopped!

Character Design by Felipe Lara
the rebels

the rebels

Fortunately some zombies have been awakened and have formed a small but tough resistance determined to save the world.

Playing pranks and exposing ugly truths by every possible mean are their weapons.

Character Design by Felipe Lara
Waking Up Zombies

Waking Up Zombies at the Mall

The best place to wake up zombies is the mall. But there are a lot of obstacles and dangers to avoid!

Concept Art by Felipe Lara
Character Models

Character 3D Models

Here are some early character models.

3D Modeling and Painting by Richard Edwards & Felipe Lara
Mall Level

Mall Level

Concept Art by Felipe Lara
spread the word
wake up the world


This is where you go for stuff, things, and whatnot. Whatever it is, you can use it to spread the word and make a statement: stick, hang, and wear as you see fit. Some stuff is free, some stuff is not.
Consumer Zombie iPad Case

Protective case for the iPad

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Consumer Zombie T-Shirt

Sweatshop free Organic Men's Fitted T-Shirt.

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Consumer Zombie Button

Wear a button and express yourself!

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Wake Up Poster

Small poster for print

Free Download
Contain Yourself Poster

Small poster for print

Free Download
Blind Justice Poster

Small poster for print

Free Download

people inside

We are veterans of the game industry who have looked up from our monitors long enough to notice there's a lot of shit going on (can you say shit on the internet?).

We want to use the power of games, humor and the global community to help create a better world, all while having fun...
felipe lara
ceo / creative direction

I am an ex-Imagineer and an MMO pioneer. I have worked over 17 years in the entertainment industry building games and interactive rides as a creative director, art director, and artist.

"Doing social critique doesn't need to be boring; shows like "The Simpsons" or "South Park" are more effective at pointing out social problems than any activist rant. I want to add the power of games, social networks, and mobile technology to this kind of humorous critique, to form a strong global community able to spread awareness and change our world into a better place."

ted peterson
game design / story

I am a twenty-year veteran of the game industry, involved in the writing and design of dozens of games for companies like Activision, Bethesda and Disney.

"Solving the real problems of the world should be fun."

greg wiatroski
technology / production

I am an ex-Imagineer and an MMO pioneer. I have worked for over 17 years in various roles in support of games and interactive rides, from customer service to programming to production.

"I believe we need more engaging ways to raise awareness about the many issues we are facing."

richard edwards
animation / technical art

I am an ex Imagineer and MMO pioneer. I have spent over 20 years as an animator in the entertainment industry at companies like Sony and Disney. For the last 15 years I have also taught animation at the UCLA Animation Workshop.

"I am intrigued by the possibilities of gamification in the context of activism. The potential for groups to come together virtually to affect social change is potentially staggering."

brendan mcglynn
community / game design

I am an entertainment industry veteran. My experience ranges from a 10-year run as a documentary and promotions producer at Independent Public Television, to a 5-year gig doing community management at a game company.

"I believe there's a better way of making a living, and it involves helping others while having fun."

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